The UK Coffee Pod

Regency Design & Print have designed and engineered ‘The UK Coffee Pod’ – fresh to the market in 2013.

We researched the market and noticed a huge trend towards Counter Top Coffee machines. Realising that these machines were not supported in the same way that free standing banked machines were, we went ahead and designed ‘The UK Coffee Pod’ to house and service both the operator and end user.

The ‘UK Coffee Pod’ is custom built to provide the needs of the site. Its unique design along with its user-friendly technology and easy maintenance make it the perfect partner for any Counter Top Coffee machine.

Graphics are placed over the stainless steel structure to give the ‘Pod’ a beautiful finish and it can be personalised to site or brand with back lit graphics and LED down lights to brighten up any serving area. An LCD screen is an optional extra to display adverts or promotions which will help promote further income for the operator.

The ‘UK Coffee Pod’ has been on trial test sites and has instantly shown a significant increase in drink sales. It offers the End User the ultimate experience in self-serve beverages, and offers the operators a convenient, low maintenance system for a variety of locations at a very competitive price.